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Training to help you create and execute a

COVID-19 Response Plan

that will help you become the trusted resource for your board, employees, & members.

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Clear Vision & Plan

Expert Support

Efficient Execution

You don’t need more resources, you need a plan to implement them.

Do you have a plan for conducting board meetings during the quarantine?

Do you have a plan on how to handle your annual meeting event virtually if needed?

Are you confident you can reach your members and employees in a timely manner?

Do you feel like you need more time to coordinate communications and actions?

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Become a CEO who knows how to manage the utility

in a time of the unknown.

Co-op leaders are now facing a challenge unlike any they have ever experienced before.

While disaster preparation for storms is in your DNA, battling a pandemic with no real end in sight is causing numerous disruptions.

We are faced with many questions regarding our key areas co-ops need to be proactive in managing now:



Local Economy

From the statewide to the local distribution co-op, employees need support, resources, and guidance. Our distribution members need to hear from their local cooperative as well.

“I’ve got to do more for members, but what can I do?”

Statewide Manager, March 2020

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Training for CEOs who need to plan for the “What’s next?”

This 60-minute online group training is designed to help answer those questions and more.

CEOs will learn in an interactive environment showcasing an online resource that can be used by your board and employees for the key functions of your co-op to continue.


Before the Training Session Participants receive:

  • A brief online survey to find out your questions and concerns.
  • A downloadable workbook with checklists for real-time participation.
  • Login instructions and directions for how to use Zoom.


During the Training Session

  • Real-time learning from instructors with in-depth electric cooperative experience.
  • Instant polling with results.
  • Opportunity for live Q&A.
  • Discussion and peer-to-peer learning to ensure the best ideas are shared and deployed.


After the Training Session Participants Receive:

  • Tip sheet with best practices for use back at the co-op.
  • A link to the recording and chat room discussion.

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Decide to take control starting today with 3 easy steps

Creating and executing an effective plan, during this time of COVID-19, that will give you time back,
and help you protect your co-op board, employees, and members:

Request & Access training

All you need to do right now is put your first name and email into the form below and click submit. Our team will be in contact with details shortly!

Execute Plan & Engage

Once we cover the steps you should be taking, it’s up to you to put the plan into action. Then engage the community when you have questions.

Become the Trusted Resource

By executing the response plan that we will show you, you will find that you have more time to spend with your co-op board, employees and members.

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We know that as the CEO at your cooperative you want to be a trusted resource for your Board.

In order to do that, you need the strategic guidance that will give you the information required to take care of your co-op board, employees and members.

The problem is that you are too busy, especially during this time of COVID-19, to seek out and secure the tools and resources you need to build an effective plan which leaves you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and perhaps a little confused.

We believe that managing a response to a severe storm is in your DNA as a co-op, however, managing the response to a pandemic is not.

You deserve to be supported in your job so you have the time to focus on your core responsibilities and to serve as a trusted resource for your entire community.

We understand that having your world turn upside down overnight can be stressful, both at the workplace and on the home front.

Our experience tells us that the best leaders are the ones that learn while they respond which is why we know co-ops, like yours, will rise to the occasion and be stronger for it.

This is exactly why we have leaned into our decades of experience as consultants, board members, and communicators in the world of co-ops, including electric cooperatives, to bring CEOs, like you, the right training at the right time.

Access the training today if you want to stop wasting more time trying to navigate these scary times without a solid plan.

Instead, rise to the greatest challenge of our generation and become that trusted resource your board, employees, and members deserve to get them through this time successfully.

Meet the Instructors

Adam Schwartz

Mission: “To help Co-ops Succeed”

Quote: “The cooperative business model is the best model on earth.”

Adam helps co-ops define their mission so that their employees and members can actually remember it.

Through a focus on the seven cooperative principles and values, he re-energizes the cooperative culture and purpose that led to the co-op organization being created.

Molly McPherson

Mission: Helping leaders build and manage crisis-resistant organizations.

Quote: “The misfortune of a crisis is an opportunty to show your employees, members, and community how much you care.”

As a PR-certified communicator, Molly knows how to manage crisis response that is heightened by a social media backlash.

From media relations to crisis communications, Molly has answers for how to respond to the media and the public when a crisis occurs or during an online reputational threat to an organization and its leadership.

More importantly, she knows how to prevent the threat in the first place.

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